If you teach children the love of reading, and it is a stepping stone to a reader full of confidence and enthusiasm. With confidence and enthusiasm, children can learn and explore better.

Below is a list of reasons why children’s books are important.

  • A book brings silence and peace to the sometimes quite busy lives of children.
  • Stories stimulate fantasy and play.
  • Books stimulate curiosity and discussion.
  • Reading children’s books stimulates and expands vocabulary.
  • Picture books help children develop an appreciation for art and writing.
  • Children’s books provide inspiration, thoughts and reflection.
  • Children’s books give children knowledge.
  • They give children the opportunity to “travel” to other places and times.
  • By reading books, children learn to build a concentration arc.

Reading is also very important, especially at a younger age because it stimulates language development and strengthens the bond with the child.

Children’s books are a valuable tool in the development of social, emotional and educational skills. It is therefore important that children come into contact with books a lot.

We will name some nice books per age category.

0-1 years

INFANTINO – knisperboekje – baby boekje stof – dieren

This colorful crinkle book from Infantino is suitable for children from 6 months. Let your baby develop his/her motor skills by squeezing the squeaker. Attach the booklet with the ring to the pram, buggy or playpen. Fitted with a teething ring for erupting teeth.

The ideal toy for on the go; small, fun and fits in every diaper bag!

✔ Challenging
✔ Easy on the go
✔ BPA Free

The book costs 16.99 and is for sale at Bol.com

The Baby Song Book, book with 16 new baby songs

The baby song book consists of 16 new sweet, swinging, touching, funny, naughty baby songs that you can sing for and with the little one. The songs are also suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. Nothing is more fun than singing and dancing together. Every day you experience the same rituals with the little ones. Baby songs have been written about this to make this a party. A song before dinner, in the bath, to bed, cleaning up, a baby song to comfort are some examples. The songs are all on sheet music in the book with beautiful illustrations! You will also receive a CD with the book containing all the songs with vocals and the instrumental version!

The book costs 9.95 and is for sale at Bol.com, among others

Baby Booklet – Milo’s First Feeling Booklet Black White

Kat Milo plays all day. He goes outside to look for mice, plays hide and seek, drinks water and goes to sleep. Because this pointing picture book contains simple illustrations with high contrast in black and white and occasionally a different color supplemented with tactile elements, it is suitable for babies from 6 months old.

Milo’s books are special baby books with images in strong contrasts and sometimes with sensory additions, such as crackling sounds or tactile surfaces. Several black and white baby books of Milo’s world are available in the series. Also captivating for babies are the black and white contrast baby viewing cards from Wee Gallery.

From 6 months

Kinderboekwinkel Nijmegen

1 – 2 years

The world of Gonnie and friends

‘The World of Gonnie & Friends’ is the latest pointer book in the popular toddler series. Gonnie & Friends have been a favorite with Dutch and Flemish toddlers for 15 years.

The popular toddler series by Olivier Dunrea is educational and fun. This new, large book has an attractive 3D cover and glimpses into the inside. In this Gonnie pointer book all twelve goslings pass by. Toddlers are playfully immersed in the world of Gonnie and at the same time they expand their vocabulary.

The book costs 14.99 and is for sale at bol.com

Coco can do it

Coco can do it! is a new and very own picture book by Loes Riphagen, a wonderful story about collecting courage and being able to do more than you think. It’s time for little Coco to spread her wings. All the other baby birds have already fledged. But for Coco it is not so easy. What if she falls really hard? But if she takes the plunge, she could also make new friends. Fortunately, Coco has a wise mother who gives her exactly the push she needs. Coco can do it! is a beautiful story about spreading your wings, gathering courage and being able to do more than you think. It is humorously written and illustrated by the acclaimed Loes Riphagen. For example, several of her books Kerntitels were presented during the Children’s Book Week, she has a Flag and Pennant in her pocket and she won the prestigious Silver European Design Award 2018.

This book is a good read for ages 2 to 4.

The book costs 14.99 and is for sale at Bol.com

The big Fiep viewing book

This impressive viewing and pointing book contains 24 themed spreads to explore the world indoors and beyond! With Vehicles, At the Zoo, Professions, On the Farm and much more.

The book costs 15.99 and is for sale at bol.com

2 – 3 years

Have you seen an elephant?

A boy plays hide and seek with an elephant. The boy counts to ten and the elephant goes to hide – he is VERY good at that, he warns. And he is right! Although the reader can clearly see him, the little boy keeps staring around in surprise. Where could Elephant have gone? Even his mom and dad overlook it like that! Have you seen Elephant? is David Barrow’s first picture book, which in 2015 was awarded the Sebastian Walker Award for Britain’s most promising children’s book illustrator. The comical story and beautiful watercolor prints make this book a joy to read over and over again.

The book costs 14.99 and is for sale at bol.com

About A Little Mole Who Wants To Know Who Pooped Upside Down

When the little mole sticks its head above the ground one day, it happens: it’s round and brown and looks a bit like a sausage and it lands right on its head.

Mol is looking for the culprit.

The book costs 12.25 and is for sale at Bol.com

Cheerful reading book from Frog

Classic story collection with no less than seven heartwarming stories about Frog and his friends, for extra long reading pleasure!

“Is it my birthday today?” said Frog in surprise. “I completely forgot about that.”
“But not us!” his friends shouted in unison.

Frog is a friend for all ages. A traditional Dutch hero, loved all over the world and he will be 25 years young this year!
He celebrates this with a thick book full of stories.
Read it aloud, experience it, and celebrate Kikker’s birthday!

The book costs 16.99 and is for sale at Bol.com

3 – 4 years

The Color of Emotions (a pop-up book)

Have you made a mess of your emotions? You have to arrange them neatly: each has its own color and each has its own spot. This book will help you with that. A spectacular pop-up book full of colours, full of emotions and full of surprises. Simply for anyone with emotions.

Make children aware of their emotions. Children are better able to articulate their emotions this way.

The book costs 24.95 and is for sale at Bol.com

Farmer Boris and the Mower

‘Farmer Boris and the reaper’ is the sixth picture book in the beloved and award-winning series by Ted van Lieshout and Philip Hopman. The mower is broken, but luckily Farmer Boris is very technical… What child wouldn’t want to be Farmer Boris? He has his own farm and can drive around all day on his red tractor. But farmers also have to get tough. And certainly if they are as smart as Farmer Boris. Because if the mower breaks, Farmer Boris has to fix it. And it will be more beautiful than it ever was! But then the neighbor drives it and the mower breaks down again and then the school teacher has an accident. Every time the mower breaks down, Boris makes it even more beautiful and supersonic than it already was. Even the factory director wants one! ‘Farmer Boris’ is a beloved series of picture books for children from 3 years old. Previously, ‘Farmer Boris in the snow’ was awarded a Flag & Pennant from the Granger jury, and ‘Farmer Boris goes to sea’ was chosen as Picture Book of the Year 2015.

There is a whole series of Boer Boris books.

The book costs 13.99 and is for sale at Bol.com


B is a bath towel on which a broccoli in a bathing suit admires the blue mountains, while on the flower bench a broccoli in bikini watches their cauliflower in his buggy.
T belongs to a dentist – a dachshund – who pulls a tooth from a tyrannosaurus rex with pliers while his devoted dental assistant – a tapir – watches.
All letters of the alphabet and their infinite possibilities can be found in this beautiful book full of surprising finds. Every page is an unparalleled search and discovery feast.
Try to find the letters yourself in the drawings before the thief runs off with them!
Can you see which object he takes from almost every page?

You can also look up all the words via the free special app and website.

The book costs 24.90 and is for sale at Bol.com