Four Eyes Principle

Both during the team meeting last February and during the Parents Committee of Villa Valentijn Den Haag meeting of April this year, we brainstormed together on the best performance of the four-eyes principle.

After all options have to put in a row we have come to the conclusion that camera security is most effective to ensure the safety of the children and for Villa Valentijn Den Haag is the best solution to meet the four-eyes principle.

See the Protocol Monitoring Camera

Practice: What does this mean for everyone?

The cameras that will be placed are motion cameras. This means that the cameras focused on sleep boxes only go into effect when there is movement. So when the children are asleep, they do not work. The cameras are not equipped with an audio tape.

For clarity, the cameras are placed, will never be used to replace a group leader. In short, you can consider the motion cameras sometimes even as a six eyes principle!

Camera surveillance

We have switched to CCTV. This enables us to offer the children all the safety that is necessary.