Villa Valentijn Den Haag chose horizontal groups with 44 shelters and five primary groups . They are as follows :

  • Pink group 3 months – 1 year (8 babies two leaders)
  • Yellow group 1 year – 2 years (10 children two leaders)
  • Turquoise Group 2 – 3 years (12 children two leaders)
  • Red group 3 years – 4 years (14 children two leaders)

If only one group leader is present, because of the leader-child-ratio, another adult will be arranged in the case of an emergency.

There are two standard rostered leaders per group, except at times when the number of children one leader justifies . We comply with the Calculation tool from the Government.

We have a direct line to the firedepartment, the advantage of this is that when an emergency occurs in the childcare (you can think of for example an external attack/heart attack or other serious emergencies), the leaders can make by breaking the glass direct contact with the firedepartment. Of course there is always the opportunity to consult the other childcares.

The reason for choosing horizontal shelter in this form is that this format fits in well with the various developmental stages of the child. So each group has its own level of development and the various groups follow one another. This layout gives the groupleader the opportunity to take care of one on a development -oriented program moreover, the arrangement of the groups (toys, furniture) focused specifically on the question of development.


We work as horizontal as possible, but sometimes the number of children does not allow it and we are forced to deviate and to merge the primary groups to go about. So to work vertically. This happens at present structurally on Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday will be the Pink and Yellow group are pooled and the trunk group Pink will be closed. Friday will be the Pink – and Yellow group are pooled and the trunk group Pink will be closed.

Children can be placed for activities to another primary group space. This also applies during sleep hours. Obviously there will be given at all times to leidster-/kind ratio .

In bad weather, we use the indoor playground group (the Blue group).

We are open from 7.30 till 18.30.

We reserve the right, that age may differ slightly, while the law is not losing sight. The transition from one to the other group in accordance with age, but, however, also go according to insertion possibility. It may be that your child is three months earlier or later flows through to the next group .