Calculate your net childcare contribution per month

Childcare Allowance Table 2022, what will your personal contribution be?

The reimbursement you receive, the childcare allowance, is based on your (estimated) annual income. The amounts to which you are entitled are listed in the Childcare Allowance Table. In this allowance table you will find how much childcare allowance you are entitled to for the first child, but also for the second and a subsequent child. Your application for the childcare allowance is based on a preliminary estimate of your income in 2022. If it later transpires that your income was higher, this may mean that part of this subsidy must be repaid. The reimbursement and personal contribution for childcare can be calculated each month on the basis of the hours of childcare provided. The income classes that are distinguished are indexed with respect to 2021. The Childcare Allowance Table 2022 is as follows.

Maximum hourly rate day care

The maximum hourly rate for day care is €8.50 from 1 January 2022.

The Childcare Allowance Table 2022 including employer’s contribution, percentage of the costs of childcare 2022 can be downloaded below.

Calculation of the childcare allowance

Here you will find the calculation tool of the tax authorities 


Always submit your bills on time

It is best not to keep your childcare bills in 2021 for too long. After all, payments are only made from the month of application up to a maximum of three months before. An application in July 2021 for your accounts from January means that the months up to April 1, 2021 can be lost and will no longer be paid out by the tax authorities. An application from a previous year will continue if you still meet the conditions.

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