Fire alarm system

Villa Valentijn Den Haag has a permit from the fire department. This means that all fire safety requirements of the fire department are met.

There is a direct connection to the Public Fire alarm system of the fire that directly enters into force with smoke or fire. There is an evacuation plan drafted clearly specifying what to do in case of fire.

Every year there is a fire drill held. The evacuation is a regular agenda item for team meetings to keep monthly.


The leadership of Villa Valentijn Den Haag is responsible for the safety of all buildings. The property is protected not only for burglary and fire protection. We are extra secured by motion cameras.

Health- and Safety risk assessment

Every year the policy on safety and health in the form of a risk assessment and safety plan will be tested. Each group is again scrutinized for possible risks to health and safety. Then give this health- and safety risk assessment to assess the Parents Committee of Villa Valentijn Den Haag.

First aid is given by the groupleaders who so a first aid certificate are met. Each floor has a first aid kit present to be checked regularly for completeness.


The hygienic requirements of the Public Health Service are observed by Villa Valentijn Den Haag. Management is responsible for the hygiene of both properties. The groupleaders are responsible for the cleanliness within their own group. When parents have regarding hygiene, safety or establishment, complaints or wishes they could turn to the management.