Villa Valentijn Den Haag works only with staff who had a thorough previous education. To ensure the care of the children at the widest possible level is of different types of educated qualified personnel taken on. The major split within the program is to bring the caring and pedagogical level. Also here are many variations possible. Villa Valentijn looks for combinations of different specializations, which is also thought to speech therapy, kinesiology, music, etc. In addition, it is stated that the personnel undergoing training for first aid. Additional requirement Villa Valentijn Den Haag believes that the composition of the staff not only improves quality by focusing on the training, but also on age. For equivalent qualities is preferred forward to in this regard vary’s total staff as much as possible.

Consultation Forms

For the proper functioning of the daycare staff satisfaction is a very important factor. The contact with the parents/guardians is in the first instance by the leaders of the groups. It is therefore important that the staff have a positive effect. This is trying to achieve by Villa Valentijn Den Haag:

  • Monthly team meetings in which general business is discussed. Agenda items for such consultations may be invoked by anyone. It also comes in the monthly meetings of the child talks offer. The team meeting is led by the department and shall be in writing by the secretary.
  • Weekly main concert is a concert where both the Director and two department heads are present and these are also recorded in writing by the secretary.
  • Everyone is open to criticism
  • Agreements are met
  • Everyone thinks actively and herein also stimulated
  • Anti-gossip protocol is a protocol that valid for all locations