Identification of problems

Through the knowledge gained during the training, the daily contact with children and completing daily observations, the leader is able any problems or developmental timely detection and reporting. This report remains initially internally through regular consultation between the department and the teachers. In most cases, the teacher will engage in a conversation with the parents/guardians. Together with the department An exception is the suspicion of sexual or physical abuse and/or neglect in which there is with the leadership and the GGD contacted and discussed how to proceed further.

Eating and drinking problems

Every teacher is aware of any food allergies, which occur in children in Villa Valentijn Den Haag. She knows when an allergic reaction also how to act. If it appears that a child has problems with food in any form, the teacher knows how they deal with it is best to go.

The point here is that Villa Valentijn Den Haag takes, to in no way to force children to eat or drink. Eating is a social activity where the atmosphere will ensure an optimal atmosphere. This fussy eaters can be stimulated. In cases where a child gets enough food inside, with parents discussed how to solve this problem.

In rare cases, be caused by physical problems. Before eating problems If the teacher suspects that this is the case, the advice given to parents/guardians to contact the clinic or family doctor.

When a child isn’t drinking enough, the daipers will be watched, and registerd on the observation form. The lack of plasmid diapers is an indication of dehydration. If this is the case then this should be passed on to the parents/guardians.

The use of pacifiers, stuffed animals and bottles

It appears that many children need a pacifier or a familiar stuffed animal. This can provide comfort when a child has a hard time or at bedtime. Since a pacifier is not conducive to the development of the mouth area and may be limited, the aim is to use the pacifier only during sleep. If a stuffed animal is passed from home, this is basically for sleeping. Hygienic reasons stuffed animals in the bed of the child’s remains. Villa Valentijn Den Haag believes it is important to give children a (nozzle) to drink ASAP. Cup This is important for the development of the mouth area. Vials are given in bed in any of it, in order to prevent tooth decay.


Villa Valentijn Den Haag decided in connection with the treat, we give the parents treat the home with them. Then the parent can decide what they want. If the treats presents itself as healthy it will be given at the nursery.

Potty training

Potty training is a process that every child is doing at his own pace. Villa Valentijn Den Haag is the belief that a child decide when potty training can begin. The teacher is alert to the signals and gives the child is responding. It is important that there is a start to be made ​​at home with the potty training so that there is clarity and regularity to the child simultaneously. Good communication between parents/guardians and the leader is important here.

 Correct and reward

For children it is important that there are clear rules / limits and consistently used. The leader naturally adjusts its actions, to the development in which the child resides. The basic principle of Villa Valentijn Den Haag is that undesirable behavior of the child is rejected and not the child. The positive behavior is rewarded and encouraged. The groups are set and clear boundaries that are consistently enforced. The child will be the limits of the leader scans in different situations. If there responded each time in the same way on certain behavior of the child, this gives clarity. This has the child in order to function optimally.


Villa Valentijn Den Haag has its own play group, where children can go outside. This is an enclosed area and provide safety with respect to the outdoor toys.

Villa Valentijn Den Haag also gives in the interview with the parent a form where the parent can indicate whether they give permission to go outside to take the kids to a playground or an errand to do. On these trips are strict conditions attached, and includes the supervision of qualified group leader holds a first aid certificate and there are more available than group leaders representing the regulation.