The demand for quality childcare centers is increasing. This question is the objective of Villa Valentijn Den Haag, quality is our starting point.

A good relationship with parents and guardians is important in the view of Villa Valentijn Den Haag. There is always the option to use individual consultation. Only in this way can the childcare fit with the situation at home and on the specific backgrounds and (self-) peculiarities of the child.

So Villa Valentijn Den Haag tries to contribute to the optimal development of children. Because Valentijn Den Haag has short lines, quick and flexible decisions are possible.

Villa Valentijn Den Haag offers an all-in package that focuses on quality. All-in means that Villa Valentijn Den Haag will provide everything related to the proper care of the child.

In practice, this is reflected in:

  • ┬áBaby food (with the exception of allergy products)
  • Diapers
  • If necessary, the possibility of breastfeeding
  • There is an educational policy to ensure that there is more place in the group than the usual care
  • We set high standards for toys to use and fun children’s books and musical instruments in an exciting child-friendly environment
  • Each group has its own color
  • The furniture is made of beech wood
  • Extra large group rooms, so that the children can move freely
  • Groupleaders with appropriate training and a first aid certificate. They fill in the daily observation
  • ┬áThe team holds child talks to monitor the development of the child one can use a consultation
  • We work with horizontal groups, allowing us to measure the children may accompany the various stages of development
  • No holiday closures, with the exception of the regular holiday (CAO childcare), so there is no need to look for alternative accommodation in the holiday
  • Villa Valentijn Den Haag meets the latest regulations
  • Last but not least, we have a direct line with the fire and the children are well insured