The Household Regulations of Parents Committee Villa Valentijn Den Haag



For a definition refers to the definition in the regulations of the parents committee.


1. Naming parent committee in office

The meeting shall appoint from among its members a chairman and secretary. The meeting unanimously decided on this. In one person can, for a maximum period of three months, more than one function are united.
Appointments shall be for a period of two years. After the expiry reappointment possible if the person is a candidate for this set.


2 Tasks Chairman and Secretary

The chairman of the meeting and ensures a smooth execution of tasks. The chairman shall initially as a representative of the parents committee towards the management and/or administration. The chairman consults regularly with the holder of the progress of the daily activities.
The Secretary shall, in consultation with the chairman’s agenda and ensures distribution by letter/email to the members at least seven days before the meeting. The secretary shall keep the minutes and disseminate among the members. The secretary is responsible for distribution of the minutes or a shortened version of the parents of the child care center. The Secretary manages the minute book, incoming and outgoing mail and directory of members.


3 Frequency of meetings

a) The meeting shall be convened at least four times per year by the Secretary. At least three meetings will take place in (partial) presence of the holder or as often as mutually agreed. If two members meeting deem it necessary, they may instruct the Secretary to call. Additional meeting can also come from the holder. Initiative to convene a meeting In the latter situations, the meeting will be as soon as possible , but within two weeks, take place.
b ) Posts prevented premature communicated to the Secretary.
c ) A written report is made from a meeting.


4 Contacts with parents

a) The parent committee shall by means of a newsletter from the parents committee new parents aware of the existence of the parents committee.
b ) The holder shall ensure that the new parents are supplied with it. (Data Protection Act).
c ) A list of the names of the members, which indicated the way in which they can be contacted with them is clearly displayed in a central location in the nursery.
d ) All parents will be informed in advance by means of a notice on the bulletin board at least seven days of the meeting of the parents committee.
e ) The approved minutes for anyone to question are available and are made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable for inspection in a prominent, central place.
f ) Once a year the parents committee during a parents report on its activities.

5 Access to the meeting

a) Every parent has provided advance notification to the chairman of the parents committee, as an observer to attend the meetings . He can leave with the permission of the Chair.
b) Consultations of the branch manager is not public.

6 Voting Procedures

a) Decisions are taken by majority vote (Wk Article 59 paragraph 4), thereby, the half plus one of the members to be present.
b )On issues that the survival of the parent committee itself or its function relate to the meeting may only decide if it is performed on the agenda. This concerns in particular:
– Resignation of one of its members. In this situation, the meeting is not public;
– Amendment of the Regulations of the parents committee;
– Amendment of the bylaws;
c ) A member of the parents committee can bring another writing authorize him or her a vote A member may be in a meeting for more than two members act as an agent.
d ) Voting shall be oral. The chairman may decide that ballot.
e ) A blank vote or abstention shall be deemed not to have been cast.
f) When a tie, the chairman decides.