Regulations of the Parents Committee of Villa Valentijn Den Haag


Parents as well as entrepreneurs in the childcare it is important that parents can advise on key issues relating to the care of their child(ren).

The Childcare Act sets a mandatory parent committee in each branch and gives advisory parent committee weighted at various points. The Childcare Act further states certain requirements on the composition of the parent committee and the rules of the parent committee.

Providers and recipients of child care have developed a joint model for the regulation of the parents committee. With advice from parents is the ultimate goal for all parties – seller and buyer – to create that respects the legitimate interests of parents workable situation and the responsibility of providers for good business.

The Rules of the parents committee is established by the holder. Amendment of the Rules shall require the consent of the parents committee (Wk Article 59).

1. Definition

Childcare organization: Villa Valentijn Den Haag
Holder: * the person who childcare or childminding agency operates
Child care center means a facility located in a building where childcare place other than childminding;
Branch manager : ** the employee responsible for the management of the child care center;
Practitioner : a person who is employed at a childcare center and is responsible for the care and upbringing of children;
Parent : a person who performs household to which the child belongs to whom the child relates;
Parents Committee : The committee referred to as Article 58 of the Childcare Act, functioning in the context of a childcare childcare organization, in a manner as described in these rules;
Members: members of the parent committee;
Tribe Group: a fixed group of children with their own space.

* The Childcare Act consistently talks about “container” . It is up to the child care organization to whom it delegates the duties of the holder specified in the law.

** The holder is a person other than the branch manager may also be designated as the contact of the child care for the parents committee.

2. goal

The Parents Committee aims:
1. The interests of the children and the parents of the child care center where the Parents Committee is attached to represent as closely as possible and to represent the parents;
2. Advising on quality;
3. The promotion of the interests of the parents of the child care center at the board.

3. composition

1. Parents only, as defined in Article 1 of these Regulations may be members of the parent committee (Wk Art 58 paragraph 2);
2. A maximum of one parent per household can be a member of the Parents Committee;
3. Staff, members of the Executive Board of the childcare organization may not be members of the parent committee, even if they are older a child that the child care visits (Wk Article 58 paragraph 3).
4. The parents committee consists of five members;
5 . When the composition is to achieve the most possible proportional representation of the four primary groups.

4. Conclusion and termination of membership

1. Prior to establishing all parents actively invited to apply for the parents committee. Candidate by the holder Nominations may be made orally or in writing;
2. If there are vacancies in the parents committee then calls the parents committee parents to become candidates, nominations may be made orally or in writing;
3. If the number of candidates, the number of seats available shall not exceed, all candidates will be appointed at the next meeting of the parents committee;
4. If there are more candidates than there are seats report available, the parents committee organizes an election;
5 . During a parents committee meeting where all parents are invited members of the parent committee are elected and then appointed. All parents will be informed in advance of the election and nominations. The election may also be written using a ballot box, where all parents a ballot paper has been issued;
6. Parent commissioners are elected for a period of 2 years. They are more than twice re-elected;
7. Membership of the parents committee ends resign in periodically to thank the parents committee at discharge, death, and when the parents have no child at the childcare;
8. At least one-third of the parents may ask the parent committee to organize, which they have the right to place themselves. Items on the agenda, a parents committee meeting within two weeks. During one such night (s) must ( members of) the parents committee resign if the majority of parents are present and the majority of parents present denouncing their faith in the parents committee. Such a decision can only be taken if it is entered in the agenda set in advance. Parents can register for the preparation of this agenda guided by the parents committee. The holder will be present at the parents committee meeting;
9. Upon resignation of all members of the parent committee, the holder shall be responsible for the election of a new parents committee.

5 . Method parents committee

The parents committee sets its own process (Wk Article 58 paragraph 4). The bylaws of the parents committee does not contain rules that are contrary to the rules of the parent committee Villa Valentijn Den Haag and with what the law defines child.

6. Weighted ConsultancyLegal PTA

The holder shall notify the parent committee in accordance with Article 60 paragraph 1 Wk the opportunity to report on any proposed decision that the organization concerned, for an opinion:
A The implementation of the quality by the holder with respect to:
a. Number of children per teacher
b. Group
c. Training professionals
d. Employability professionals in training
B. Educational Policy
C. Nutrition Matters
D. Risk assessment health and safety
E. Opening
F. Adoption or amendment of a complaint and the appointment of the members of the Committee
G. Change in the price of child care

7. unsolicited advice

The parents committee is also authorized unsolicited advice about the topics on which the parents committee has advisory (Wk Article 60 paragraph 3) the holder.

8. advice Trajectory

1. The recommended limit for parents committee is four weeks, with the proviso that the advice may be considered in the decision to be taken;
In agreement between the holder and at least two members of the parent committee, including the chairman, a shorter period may be agreed maximum recommendation for very urgent requests for advice;
2. If no advice is given to the holder within the recommended period is supposed to advise the parents committee positive;
3. Gives the holder the parents committee and timely written request, any information that the parents committee may reasonably require for the performance of its duties (Wk Article 60 paragraph 4). Only from the time that this earth is fully satisfied, the period specified in 8.1 and 8.2 in. Get at least once a year the parents committee in writing the general data about the policy on childcare in the past year has been made, and will be, on the subjects listed in Article 6 at/mg conducted in the coming year;
4. The holder may only deviate from the advice of the parents committee, if he can indicate that a written and motivated the interest of the child against the advice resistance (Wk Article 60 paragraph 2);
5 . The container provides up to four weeks after obtaining the opinion of the parents committee in writing or whether or not followed the advice of the parents committee.

9. Other duties and responsibilities of the Parents Committee

a. Acts beside the container and branch manager as a contact point for parents;
b. Informs the holder if there are urgent issues play under the parent(s) so that it can arrive at possible solutions as soon as possible;
c. Has the power of three times a year, or more often as they mutually agreed to request to participate in ( art of) the meeting of the parents committee portion of the container;
d. GGD inspection may be requested from the branch manager;
e. Regularly consults (performed by the chairman) to the container on the internal policies of the childcare within the constraints of the childcare organization;
f. Provide on request and after consultation with the holder of a contribution to parents committee meetings and thematic meetings;
g. Ensures proper and clear information to parents about the activities of the parents committee.

10. facilitation parents committee

Villa Valentijn Den Haag has no subsidized history and is therefore not obliged to allow to perform under the Participation Act Clients Healthcare (WMCZ) out its tasks, the parents committee material or financial.

The holder will have the opportunity to give the parents committee at:
1 ) The provision of meeting room includes coffee/tea;
2 ) the provision of stationery and photocopying facilities;
provided that this happened during the opening hours of Villa Valentijn Den Haag, from Monday to Friday between 7:30 and 18:30, with the exception of the regular holidays: January 1, Good Friday, Easter Monday, May 5 (if nationally recognized holiday is only in the jubilee year), Kings Day, Hemelvaartsdag, Tweede Pinksterdag, first and second day of Christmas.

We are also closed. Sinterklaasviering day, December 24 and December 31 at 17:00.
It goes without saying that the parents committee with the container indicating when in time they want to make use of the above facilitation.

11. Secrecy

1. Rests on the members of the parent committee, on what has come out of them by virtue of their membership to the knowledge in principle of confidentiality.
2. The holder will not provide personal information parents committee parents .
3. Confidentiality exists in the situations described below:
a) Information and documents can only be designated as confidential, if the information of private individuals or where it involves information that may harm (Data Protection Act) economic interests of the child care organization;
b ) The parent committee may request confidentiality of information or information in writing or otherwise notified;
4. Requests for confidentiality should be justified. Where possible, the holder or the parents committee at which time the secrecy attached.

12. Amendment of Rules

The decision to amend the Rules shall require the consent of the parents committee (Wk Article 59 paragraph 5).