Childcare Register

Because we have been included in the childcare register of the municipality, you can use the childcare contribution that the government offers. Learn more about what your childcare contribution will be with us can be found at:

Our Registernumber is 154505420


Rates 2020

You can view the 2020 price list via this link.


Table childcare allowance 2020

This link takes you to the 2020 childcare allowance table.

If your children are not yet attending school and you are working, you may be entitled to 140% of the hours worked. If they do go to school, that is 70%. Please note: the first child is the child with the most hours of childcare, so it does not have to be the firstborn.


Calculation of childcare allowance

Suppose your income is 30,000 euros and you have a child in childcare. Then almost 93% of this is reimbursed via the employer's contribution and the supplement and you therefore pay 7% yourself.

Always submit your bills on time

It is best not to keep your childcare bills in 2020 too long. After all, payment is only made from the month of application up to a maximum of three months before. An application in July 2020 for your accounts from January means that the months up to April 1, 2020 can be lost and can no longer be paid by the tax authorities. An application from a previous year continues if you still meet the conditions.

You can make an appointment for a tour via this link.


We wish you a warm welcome to daycare center Villa Valentijn Den Haag!

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