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Our vision on childcare

Villa Valentijn Den Haag (the first daycare center in the Statenkwartier) believes it is important that children stay in an environment that is safe, inviting and stimulating for them and that radiates security and warmth. Homely and cozy with a personal approach for parent and child. It is important that a child feels at home and therefore feels free and is challenged to grow into an "independent" toddler. In addition to this individual development, Villa Valentijn Den Haag considers the group process important. Within this process, the children playfully acquire social skills appropriate to their level of development. Another important point is the child's relationship with the group leader. The group leader can never replace the parent/guardian, but it is necessary that the group leader builds a good relationship with the child so that they feel safe and know that there is someone they can trust.

Childcare can be seen as a supplement to the parenting situation at home. A good relationship between group leader and parents/carers is necessary for a good upbringing process. This means that parents can express their wishes regarding care and upbringing. Provided these wishes fit within the possibilities and the objective of Villa Valentijn Den Haag, this will be taken into account. Since the parents/guardians who use childcare generally work, Villa Valentijn Den Haag believes it is important that there is such a climate within the nursery that parents/guardians bring their child with confidence. This is achieved by, in addition to creating a safe and warm environment for children, ensuring that each group has a permanent group leader and that questions and comments from parents/guardians are treated seriously.

We have opted for 90% organic food and washable diapers.



From the above, Villa Valentijn Den Haag has formulated the following pedagogical objective:

“Providing care and guidance to children, by expert professionals in line with and in interaction with their own educational environment in a suitable environment, aimed at an optimal development of the child, by means of play and contact opportunities in a group of a responsible size. , whereby the principles formulated by the parents/carers are pursued as much as possible”.


Horizontal groups

We work horizontally. We have four groups in the following age:

3 mo. - 1 year (Pink group)
1 - 2 years (Yellow group)
2 - 3 years (Turquoise group)
3 - 4 years (Red group)

As a result, we can guide the children during the various stages of development and the transition to primary school is optimal.

At Villa Valentijn Den Haag, the development of the child is central.

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Frankenslag 145

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 Friendly, sustainable artificial grass

A friendly, durable artificial grass that has been specially developed for pitches in which it is necessary to play safely and to your heart's content.


 The day of the Leader

16 september 2021

The day of the Leader is held every year on the third Thursday -September. This year, the day on Thursday, September 16th, 2021.


 Budget Day

21 september 2021

Budget Day is very important day for politics in the Netherlands. On Budget Day speaks the head of state, now King Willem-Alexander, the speech off.


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