Crafting with free material

You may not go on holiday during these months, but you will stay at home. How nice is it to tinker with them during the time you have with your child? In this blog I show some examples of tinkering with free materials. Things that you and I have at home and often just throw away but that you can make fun things with.

free material

What is it and tinkering with little material such as animals for toddlers and preschoolers

Playing or entertaining children doesn’t have to be very difficult and complicated. That we overload them with toys; one even bigger and with more lights and music than the other is not necessary at all. Playing with other free materials forces children to use their imaginations. They come up with a function for something themselves and get to work with it. This is often a success with young children, they will enjoy exploring with the different materials.


Just rinse and you can turn it into a lantern that you can use again during Sint Maarten. If you prefer not to walk past the doors, then leave the string behind and put it on the table as a candle holder.


A birdhouse decorated with all kinds of colors. You will probably hear the birds singing quickly when they are allowed to eat in such a nice house.

WC. roll

These fun ice creams are super summery. Easy to make from toilet rolls, ice cream sticks and colored paper. Also nice to hang up during your birthday party!

Marble track

So I think this one is really well thought out. You don’t have to buy an expensive marble track at all, this one will do just fine!

Paint with a cotton ball

Everyone has cotton wool and clothespins at home. You make the most beautiful creations.

For the smallest

Fill a sealable bag with paint. Zip it up well and go over it with your hands.

A soap bag

We probably all remember it from when we were young ourselves. A sandwich bag filled with soap (dishwashing liquid) with a little water. Button up well and rub. The soap foams and smells wonderful.

Keep an eye on! Do not leave your child alone with it.

Shells and stones and other natural free material

Let the children be creative and make cakes, where the shells serve as decoration. A sand castle gets beautiful ornaments or let the children make a nice path.

Empty bottles

Make discovery bottles out of them. For the contents of these bottles, take a look at the kitchen and craft cabinets. Fill with rice, pasta or beads or other fun things.

Blowing paint with a straw

Mix the paint with a little bit of water to make it more fluid. Drip onto the leaf and blow into shapes with a straw. Good for the mouth muscles. Have the children tell what they blew. The most beautiful creations come out.

There are many ideas on Pinterest about crafting with free materials.