How does the Law childcare quality?

The Child Care Act. The government regulates the quality of childcare. The law formulated basic quality which the child must meet. The law requires the childcare or childminding agency to ensure the safety and health of children. They are also informed about the policy. Mandatory parents each childcare or childminding agency is obliged to establish. The Parents Committee advise on matters such as the policy on safety, opening times and prices.

The municipality is responsible for supervising the quality. The Municipal Health Service, herefore performs regular inspections. Childcare centers and childminding agencies who meet all requirements will be included in a register of the municipality. You are only entitled to an allowance from the government as the childcare or childminding agency that you use is included in a register of the municipality. Your employer may ask for proof of registration. Childcare centers that already have a license are automatically recorded from the law.

Childcare allowance 2022

The amount of childcare allowance you receive depends on your income, the number of children and the type of childcare. You can receive childcare allowance per child for a maximum of 230 hours per month. This depends on the number of hours worked by the parent who works the least. There is also a maximum hourly rate.

More childcare allowance in 2022

The maximum hourly rate for day care is €8.50 from 1 January 2022.

So do you pay more than the maximum hourly rate? In that case, you will not receive a childcare allowance for the costs above the maximum hourly rate. Are you paying less than the maximum hourly rate? Then you will receive a childcare allowance on that cheaper hourly rate.

Calculate childcare allowance

Would you like to know how much childcare allowance you can receive per month? Then make a test calculation for your childcare allowance on the website of the Tax Authorities.

Childcare allowance table 2022

Childcare allowance table 2022