Holiday tips The Hague

It is that time again! The Great Summer Vacation is just around the corner! Temperatures are rising and it is getting busier in the cities with tourists. If you live in such a pleasant province, you hardly need to go on holiday. That is why we dedicate our first blog to fun holiday outings around The Hague. If you do go on holiday, you can of course always try the outings on a day off! .... read more

Children’s books

If you teach children the love of reading, and it is a stepping stone to a reader full of confidence and enthusiasm. With confidence and enthusiasm, children can learn and explore better. Below is a list of reasons why children's books are important. A book brings silence and peace to the sometimes quite busy lives of children. Stories stimulate fantasy and play. Books stimulate curiosity and discussion. Reading children's books stimulates and expands vocabulary. Picture books help children develop .... read more

Toddler yoga

Toddler yoga Yoga for your toddler? At that age already? Yes, within children's yoga special toddler yoga is recommended for your child from (approximately) 1.5 to 4 years. They've outgrown the baby yoga stage, but they're not quite as young as toddlers either. I explain to you what special toddler yoga is all about and why it is so good for your little one! Why toddler yoga? You would say: toddlers are pure, uninhibited, can be very good 'in .... read more

Crafting with free material

Crafting with free material You may not go on holiday during these months, but you will stay at home. How nice is it to tinker with them during the time you have with your child? In this blog I show some examples of tinkering with free materials. Things that you and I have at home and often just throw away but that you can make fun things with. free material What is it and tinkering with little material such .... read more

Playgrounds in Den Haag

What could be more fun to see your child(ren) enjoying fun playground equipment or playing in the sandbox? Getting to know peers. Below you will find a number of fun children's playgrounds. Groves of Pex The playground is located in the Park aan de Daal en Bergselaan in the middle of the forest, where a restaurant, riding school, a korfball club and two football clubs are also located. The playground is an ideal summer outing .... read more

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