Children’s Book Week 2021

Children’s Book Week 2021

The Children’s Book Week 2021 is about professions.

The motto is: Be what you want.
The Children’s Book Week lasts from 6 to 17 October 2021.

The CPNB writes: It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, whether you are good at math or at drawing, whether you are four years old or already ten years old, every child can become what he dreams of. Professions like astronaut, doctor or cook… children often imitate what they want to become. Or they are inspired by their idols or heroes: a famous singer, football player or YouTuber. Children’s books are an inexhaustible source for thinking or fantasizing about professions. During the Children’s Book Week 2021 you can become anything you want and already dream about later!


10 Jun 2023
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